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Georgia's #1 Tourist Attraction On I-95 For Peach Everything!

Our full sized locations are at exit 58 in Townsend, Georgia (McIntosh County), and our newest location is located off exit 87 in Richmond Hill, Georgia (Bryan County). If you missed us or are unable to stop by, please check out our online store where we can ship the taste of Georgia straight to your door!

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Like the pit of a peach which blossoms into a fruitful peach tree, so has the story of Georgia Peach World started small and grown into something much more. Beginning as an opportunity to provide summer jobs for students, Georgia Peach World was a small fruit stand trying to deliver the freshest produce to I-95 travelers. 12 years later, we’ve grown into several full country stores combined with outdoor produce stands. We take pride in giving travelers the full southern experience, from warm hospitality to tasty, locally influenced recipes. Our growing relationships with producers and farmers allow us to provide nothing but the highest quality, locally sourced produce and products.

A visit to the Eulonia Country Store is like a step back in time when things were a little more simple. We try to provide a truly southern experience with southern hospitality.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we've established with our local farmers. All fruit is brought directly from the farm to our outdoor market. Inside our Peach World Stores you can find homemade goodies, old fashioned candies, jams, pickled items, ciders, peach cider, homemade peach ice cream, peach slushy, peach bread, peach fritters and much much more! Wall-to-wall with old fashion inventory will be like a step back into time.

With so much hustle and bustle it might be hard to find out what’s really fresh and what’s in season. Our top 5 most season-friendly fruits and vegetables include: Peaches, Pecans, Peanuts, Vidalia Onions and Beefsteak Tomatoes. ​Our fruit stands open and operate during the summer months beginning in May and running through September. The Eulonia Country Store operates year round for your convenience and our online store is always open!