Fresh Market Produce

Peaches - In Season May-September

Sweet, juicy, farm fresh and Georgia Grown! Our peaches come straight from the farm! They make great road snacks, cobblers, jams and smoothies! Give the gift of a Georgia peach today! Family, friends and neighbors will surely appreciate it!

Pecans - In Season Year Round

Georgia is the largest producer of pecans! We carry many varieties such as in the paper shell, roasted and salted, candied, our pecans come fresh from Georgia's trees. 

Peanuts - In Season Year Round

Georgia's official state crop! The southern region cannot get enough of this "Southern Caviar". We have a variety of different ways the peanuts can be enjoyed: Roasted and salted, boiled in a saltwater brine, or take home our raw peanuts to boil or roast at home.

Tomatoes - In Season May-September

Vine ripened and never hot housed, this heirloom variety is highly sought after. Great for burgers, sandwiches and salads! Enjoy a caprise with mozzarella cheese, basil and balsamic vinaigrette.

Vidalia Onions - In Season May-September

Sugar sweet and world famous, this onion only grows in seven of Georgia's counties right here in the south. The flatter and wider they are, the sweeter they will be! This onion will make a great bloomin' onion or French onion soup!

Watermelons - In Season June-July

Heavy, dense and rich with sweet meat! Our watermelons are cut off the vine in Cordele Georgia which is known as the watermelon capital of the world.

Muscadines - In Season June-September

A special variety of grape that is sweeter and has a thicker skin. Muscadines grow only along the southeast region. A popular choice for making wines! 

Plums - In Season June-July

Another native fruit in Georgia. This fruit has sweet meat and a slightly tart skin. Plums are a popular fruit amongst those that prefer a firmer fruit when ripe. Our plums are typically a smaller sugar sweet variety for maximum enjoyment.

Oranges - In Season Year Round

During the months May-September when we carry them, our oranges are grown in Florida since we are located closely to a farm that is right on the Georgia-Florida state line. They are sweet, easy to peel and great for snacking, or juicing for fresh drinks and smoothies.